23 September 2006

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - Harwest Years (2006) 3 CD

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Disc 1
Electric Light Orchestra
10538 Overture
Look At Me NowNellie
Takes Her BowThe Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644)
First Movement (Jumping Biz)
Mr Radio
Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)
Queen Of The Hours
Whisper In The Night
ELO first album sessions (1970-1971)
10538 Overture (Take 1 Recorded 12/7/70)
The Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644) (Take 1 Recorded 28/4/71)
Whisper In The Night (Take 1/Take 2 Edit Recorded 28/4/71)
Mr Radio (Take 9 Recorded 18/11/70)

Disc 2
In Old England Town (Boogie No 2)
Roll Over Beethoven
From The Sun To The World (Boogie No.1)

Harvest Sessions (1972-1973)
In Old England Town (Boogie No 2) (Take 1 Quad SQ Mix)
Roll Over Beethoven (Take 1) (Session Master 8 September 1972)
Mambo (Dreaming Of 4000 Take 1)
Wilf's Solo (Instrumental)
Baby I Apologise (Session Outtake 1 June 1973)
Showdown (Take 1)

Disc 3
Harvest Singles (1972-1973)
10538 Overture (Single Version)
Mr Radio (7'' Single Version)
Roll Over Beethoven (Single Version)
ShowdownIn Old England Town (Instrumental)
ELO Alternate Album Mix
10538 Overture (Quad SQ Mix)
Look At Me Now (Quad Mix)
Nellie Takes Her Bow (Quad Mix)
The Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644) (Quad Mix)
First Movement (Jumping Biz) (Quad Mix)
Mr Radio (Quad SQ Mix)
Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre) (Quad Mix)
Queen Of The Hours (Quad Mix)
Whisper In The Night (Quad Mix)

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Recording of the second album, Ta Dah commenced in mid-May 2005; sneak previews of new songs were played at live shows, including "Everybody Wants the Same Thing", performed at the Live 8 concert, "Paul McCartney", "I Can't Decide", "Hybrid Man", "Forever Right Now" and "Hairbaby" (a title which refers to the phenomenon of tumours containing partially formed foetuses).
Recordings took place at Discoball, the band's studio. The band fulfilled one of its dreams: Elton John collaborated with them on I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (as pianist and co-writer). The song reached #1 in the UK on 10 September 2006.
Elton John also contributed to the "Intermission" of Ta-Dah.
The album was released on September 18, 2006 in the UK, and will follow on September 26, 2006 in the USA. According to Jake Shears, this album will be a combination of sixties-era psychedelia, glam rock and disco.
01. I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
02. She's My Man
03. I Can't Decide
04. Lights
05. Land Of A Thousand Words
06. Intermission
07. Kiss You Off
08. Ooh
09. Paul McCartney
10. The Other Side
11. Might Tell You Tonight
12. Everybody Wants The Same Thing

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06 September 2006

George Harrison - Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989 (1989)

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"Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989" is George Harrison's second official compilation album and was released in 1989. It follows up on both his successful comeback album Cloud Nine in 1987 and the Harrison-led Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 the following year, also a big seller.

Specially for this release, Harrison recorded two new songs, "Poor Little Girl" and "Cockamamie Business", while also including his Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack song "Cheer Down" for good measure.

A fine summation of his period thus far on his own Dark Horse Records label, ranging from 1976's Thirty Three & 1/3 to Cloud Nine and beyond, Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989 surprisingly failed to chart in the UK and only made #132 in the US.

Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989, originally distributed through Warner Brothers Records, went out of print some years after its release, without being reissued by EMI when it acquired Harrison's entire Dark Horse catalogue. With no definitive career-spanning Harrison yet available, 1976's The Best of George Harrison is currently the only Harrison retrospective on offer.

Track listing:
All songs by George Harrison, except where noted.
1. "Poor Little Girl" - 4:33
2. "Blow Away" - 3:59
3. "That's The Way It Goes" - 3:34
4. "Cockamamie Business" - 5:15
Tracks 1 & 4 are exclusive new recordings for this album
5. "Wake Up My Love" - 3:32
6. "Life Itself" - 4:24
7. "Got My Mind Set On You" (Rudy Clark) - 3:51
8. "Crackerbox Palace" - 3:56
9. "Cloud 9" - 3:14
10. "Here Comes The Moon" - 4:09
11. "Gone Troppo" - 4:23
12. "When We Was Fab" (George Harrison/Jeff Lynne) - 3:56
13. "Love Comes To Everyone" - 3:40
14. "All Those Years Ago" - 3:44
15. "Cheer Down" (George Harrison/Tom Petty) - 4:08
Also featured in the film Lethal Weapon 2

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