04 June 2008

THE FOUNTAIHEAD - Voice Of Reason (1988)

320 kbs, front cover

1. Someone Like You
2. Angel
3. Still Dreaming
4. Price You've Got to Pay
5. This Generation
6. Future Days
7. Driving in My Car
8. Nowhere Train
9. Step by Step
10. Rain Came Down
11. So Good Now (live)
12. Sometimes (live)

The Fountainhead is the name Irish rock band from the 1980s. The band name refers to the novel of the same name by Ayn Rand. Their album titled Voice of Reason is named after the publication with works of Rand, which appeared posthumously.
The band was created by Pat O'Donnell and Steve Belton. They produced two albums, released by China Records, without creating a commercial break-through. A 1987 live album on Chrysalis Records was also published.
The album Drain, on Doghouse Records, published under the band name Fountainhead, appeared ten years later.

The Burning Touch (LP, 1986)
Voice Of Reason (LP, 1988)
Drain (1997)
Rhythm Method (EP, 1984)
Rhythm Method (single, 1986)
Feel It Now (single, 1986)
Seeing Is Believing (single, 1986)
Sometimes (single, 1987)
Live At The Whiskey (EP, 1987)
Someone Like You (single, 1988)
Angel (single, 1988)
Leaving It All Behind (single, 1988)

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